About us

KALU is a fashion and design team founded by Romona and Victoria, two New York City Stay-at-Home moms and great friends, who found it was time to use their business savvy and creative minds to design and manufacture hard to find pretty and long lasting ponytail holders and hair bands!

New York City natives and current Connecticut residents, we know how busy life can be especially for busy moms with toddlers! We started taking some of the fashion products that make our lifestyle easier and make them available to others to do the same.  We are very excited to bring our KALU ponytail holders and hair bands to You!

KALU ponytail holders and hair bands are great because they are perfect for ponytails and double as pretty bracelets> They are versatile, stylish and luxurious! They are comfortable and quite fashionable with a style and color to suit every personality. Whether you are going to the gym, a lunch with friends or a night out dancing, there’s a KALU hair band just for you!